Start Up

Now that you have a weather station and software, as advised here, you must choose how you want to send your measurements to the WOW database.

Via wireless network / mobile / tablet:

The weather station sends your observations to WOW via wireless network- wifi. The installation is usually done via software in the form of an app or via a web-based extension program, eg WOW compatible software listed here.

Via computer:

The weather station is connected via USB to your computer. The computer connects to the internet and WOW-compatible software then automatically sends your observations. This requires the computer to be running. You may also send bulk upload of WOW observations.

Via microcomputer:

The weather station is connected to your microcomputer via USB, in some cases wirelessly. The microcomputer connects to the internet and WOW-compatible software automatically sends your observations. The microcomputer must be running but the energy consumption is low.

Further details available on the UK WOW website here


Weather Station Location

Weather stations should ideally be located in the middle of a flat, exposed area. However, it may be difficult to find an ideal location to site your private weather station. However, if you share details on your weather station’s exposure when setting up your site in WOW, ie via the Location Attributes rating, any siting issues can be taken into account, making the data more useful to others.

To Register Your Weather Station on the WOW database

When your weather station is installed, working and the WOW compatible software downloaded, you must set up an account on the UK WOW registration page, details are on the Sign Up/Login page here.

Your weather station will be graded according to these Location Attributes.

Send Weather Reports to WOW

Set up your weather station data to read correctly into the WOW compatible software. Find the section on the software to connect to WOW. You will need the weather station Site ID generated at the end of the Create a Site registration process on your WOW account. Enter this on the WOW compatible software, along with a user-defined Authentication key (if requested). If the setup is successful, weather observations from the station will be sent to the WOW network and they will show up on the WOW-IE map a couple of hours later. You may need to adjust weather report frequency, for example set the software update frequenct to send a weather report every 15 minutes.