How To Use WOW

Viewing Weather Observations

To return to the homepage map, click on the WOW-IE logo in the top left corner.

The weather stations are indicated on the map. The Current Temperature values from the weather stations are the default element. Scientific rounding has been applied to all elements on the map.

The filter options on the map shows 3 station types:

  • WOW Observations - observations from private weather stations and manual observations
  • Official Observations - National Meteorological Service weather stations
  • Registered Stations - all active and non-active weather stations

From the homepage click on the stations as indicated on the map or use the 'Weather Station Search' function with the station name or site ID. This will display its weather observation Summary and Weather Forecast pane. 'View Full Observation' gives a history of weather station data from that station.

The Observation tab displays the full list of weather observations from that station.

You can compare this data with another weather station, eg a nearby Official weather station.

View the latest observation on the 'Observation' tab.

To view a range of observations select the 'Table' tab to choose the start and end dates for the observations you wish to view and click 'Update'. The 'Graph' shows all the parameters selected. These can be unticked to view some separately.

Select 'Table' tab to view the listed table of 'Full Observations'. There can be more than one recorded observation from a station during an hour, for example the Met Éireann Automatic Weather Stations update twice an hour. The observations can also be viewed in spreadsheet format by clicking on 'Export' after setting the start and end dates.

Please note that the 'Search for a Location' function is only required when you wish to search observations for a different site from the one you initially selected.


Note: The WOW-IE map does not load stations correctly on the Safari browser.

All Registered Stations (Pending Observations)

This shows the locations of all weather stations that have been registered on the WOW database. They may appear as a black dot for the time period requested if they have not reported an observation for that time. Many weather stations do not report an observation until many minutes after the hour, use the Reset Map function regularly to refresh for an update. Most stations are active but please note some stations may be non-active.

Met Éireann's AWS and ACS

WOW-IE displays the observations from Met Éireann's Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) and Automatic Climate Stations (ACS). This will be indicated by our logo and details on the station's View Full Observation page in the Site Details, see the example below. The values on the map come from the half-hour report from each of those stations. Click View Full Observations - Data Display to obtain further raw observations. Data download from these stations is not permitted as it is raw data, you may download quality-controlled data for the AWS from our website here.

Met Éireann's AWS reports are available at approximately 10 minutes past and again at 40 minutes past the hour.

Temperature, Wind Speed/Direction and Humidity element shows the average value for the last 10 minutes of each report, known to us as the '10-minute mean'. The Rainfall Accumulation value displays the accumulated rainfall since that unit was reset, this is indicated in the Location Attributes - Reporting Hours section on each station's View Full Observations page. The AWS Pressure value is the last pressure value recorded (at station height) in each report.

How to upload to WOW-IE

If you are interested in getting a weather station and uploading the observations to the WOW database to be viewed on WOW-IE, there is further information on these pages Weather Station Information and Submit data

[caption id="attachment_17126" align="aligncenter" width="375"]Site detail section for a Met Éireann weather station on WOW-IE Site detail section for a Met Éireann weather station on WOW-IE[/caption]